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Maasai Homestay Safari

Maasai Homestay Weekend

A compact cultural experience that is truly authentic with Touch Africa Adventures. Our company has an exclusive opportunity to take you into the village of where you will visit with a Maasai family whose traceable lineage spans over 2000 years.

You will have a chance to live as this historic tribe does for an entire weekend. Whether you join the women to fetch water or milk the cows, or join the men for a lesson in throwing spears, you will have the chance to learn everything you want to know about their customs, rituals, jewelry making, and traditional medicine. The men and women will entrance you with their guttural songs by a giant bonfire through the evening.

We welcome you to our village Mfereji (Monduli district), where we were born and raised. We are extremely proud to share with you its heritage and it means a lot to us to warmly welcome you into our homes. Mfereji village lies in the Great Rift Valley with an escarpment running along the eastern border of the village. Here, you can experience the Maasai culture and our way of life. Walk through the Great Rift Valley that gives you unimaginable views as you find yourself wandering the African savanna like a true Maasai!

Itinerary Mfereji village 2 days and 1 night tour

Day 1 - Leave Arusha in the morning. Visit a local Maasai market on the way to the village (on Saturdays). Arrive to the village, pitch your tent inside the Maasai Boma and imagine yourself enjoying the serenity of the bush with the only noises coming from children playing, elders discussing important issues and the famous Maasai cattle in their pens. Forget the West as you immerse yourself in our culture. Take in traditional dance and song and observe the wonderful jewelries made by the women of the village. Although there is so much to see around you, don’t forget to look up after dark - you will see such a beautiful array of star formations, not usually visible in the western world. Take your time and make your wishes on the shooting ones!

Day 2 - Rise and shine in the village and help out as much as you like with daily tasks, such as milking the animals and collecting water. Remember to take plenty of photographs to keep your memories alive. Climb aboard the car to drive back to Monduli, to experience all the happenings of the Maasai market! You can witness men trading animals and women selling food and jewelry. Walk around, ask questions, and don’t forget to purchase your Maasai tyre shoes! This colourful experience puts you at the heart of Maasai life. Head back to Arusha in the evening.

We can arrange special tours if you wish to attend exciting Maasai ceremonies. Please contact us to see what is available! We are always in touch with our fellow Maasai in the neighboring villages so we know all the activities happening in the area.



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