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Mount Oldonyo-Lengai

It's sacred to the Maasai; they still perform ceremonial ritual offerings in the mountains “kitchen” to “NGAI” God, in the Maasai vernacular.

Rising at an altitude of 2886m above the Soda Ash Lake, Lake Natron - (60mts wide, 1-1.5mts deep), with temperatures rising to over 50°C, that heats up the soda ash making it the most conductively favorable nesting fields, for over 4 million little flamingo chicks hatched annually. That heat and soda ash dust makes this place to be one of the harshest living environment on Earth thus guarantees no predators close to the eggs or newly hatched chicks.

Mount Lengai is located along the East African Rift Valley wall escarpment north-east of the Ngorongoro highlands. The mountain of God is the most unique active volcano in the world mainly because it erupts Natrocarbonatite lava; (a much cooler liquid and non sticky black/grayish crude oil like lava) with temperatures of over 500°C, unlike the other volcanoes which produces basaltic lava with temperatures rising above 1,100°C.

This active volcano has been witnessed by many volcano enthusiasts ever since the early seventys and has become a great attraction of late. While the lava flow appears like white water flowing streams and brownish mud they form into solidified lava crystals that reflect sharp sparks when hit by rays.

The low gas content lava glows to extreme red-orange pool during the dark within the crater rim and around the solidified peaks of volcanic lava cones creating a spectacular display. The last minor explosions of Lengai are reported to have been witnessed by a group of touring climbers in the beginning October 2005.

There is a beautiful camping base for climbers and hikers. Munge River waterfalls provides the most desired power shower after the tedious climb.


A wonderful adventure, designed especially for those who love walking. A good amount of conventional game viewing in vehicles are also included, but the highlights of this safari are the intimate moments you’ll experience in Tanzania’s very remote backcountry on foot.

Day 1 Lake Manyara, overnight at Kudu campsite in Karatu. At Lake Manyara, you can see a whole host of wildlife and birds at one of the most beautiful places in Tanzania.

Day 2 Visit Ngorongoro Crater and experience it’s beauty and be blown away by the landscape. Overnight at Nanokanoka camp.

Day 3 Walking to Empakai Crater. View the flamingo population, one of the most concentrated populations of flamingos in Africa. (4 hours walk) Lunch today will be taken in the Crater rim. Overnight at Acacia camp.

Day 4 Lake Natron overnight at Ngaresero campsite, Lake Natron is a salt lake also boasting a variety of birdlife. Beautiful flat plains surround the lake with Oldonyo Lengai majestically rising suddenly from the earth.

Day 5 Trekking Oldonyo Lengai: As this is the big day for trekking up Oldonyo Lengai, we need to get an early start on the weather and begin climbing at midnight. The climate here is extremely hot, so night trekking allows you the best possible chance of reaching the mountain’s summit. We need to reach the top before sunrise to ensure you breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area. Words cannot do justice to the achievement you will feel stood on the top of the Mountain!

Day 6 Transfer back to Arusha to your chosen hotel or lodge.


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